Monday, November 8, 2010

Before & After {almost}

I can't wait any longer and have decided to post some 'before' and 'almost after' pictures of the total gut and remodel that we have been working on for almost a year. The pretty, staged pictures will come in the near future, but until then.....

This is a 'before' picture and where the kitchen is now.

This is the long view into the kitchen after the walls came down.

The new kitchen, dining and living area in one big new space.

One very cool kitchen faucet!

This is looking from the kitchen area towards the stairway. It was a small room that was used as an office.

Looking at stairway 'before' while standing in the previously pictured doorway.

Standing in the same place where the old office was and looking at the new stairway. The interior wall was bricked to relate to an old exterior wall that is below in the foyer {those pictures will have to wait because of the mess.} The door with blue stain glass is one we found at Preservation Hall. We had it stripped and repainted and now it serves as a closet door.

Standing in the space where the kitchen is now and looking into that small doorway where the kitchen used to be.

This is the old kitchen located behind the wall pictured above.

That tiny door was opened up and the old kitchen removed to create a lovely entertaining area.

Here it is almost finished. Lots of unpacking and more unpacking.

Here are the sidelights we found at Preservation Hall that you see in the above pictures. They make a nice divider from the kitchen area to the more formal entertaining area.

Here, standing next to the old kitchen looking through the small door into what is now the kitchen.

And now.....

This is a 'before' looking at the split level stairway towards the master bedroom.

Now, the split level stairway has been replaced with a spiral staircase with iron railings.

Not the best picture, but we also added a hallway {entry} to the master bedroom to give more separation between the public living space and private space of the bedroom.

Looking towards the kitchen area from the stair landing at the master bedroom door.
And lastly, looking at the same area. As noted in the previous pictures we reworked the entire stairwell and went from split level stairs to a beautiful spiral staircase. The door was opened up leading to the kitchen/living area and a french door was added at the top of the stairs leading out to a deck. This has been an amazing project to work on! We have been so fortunate to have such a kind, open-minded and patient client. This was a huge project with surprises and set backs along the way, but our client never wavered from her vision. Ashley and I were very happy to help her realize that vision. This client has some really interesting elements incorporated into her house and we hope to be able to share those over the next few months.


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