Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have a very dear friend that has the most fabulous job. She is able to leave Asheville and travel to NYC every other week and lives a lifestyle most of us only dream about. I hear from her how she's met 'such and such' or just went window shopping on some wonderful, to good to be true shopping mecca of a street, in Nolita. As much as she loves her job(and she really does love her job and I might add, is fantastic at doing that job) she is always so happy and grateful to come back to her home and family here in Asheville. To quote a famous classic movie, "there's no place like home."

I'm not sure why, but whenever Autumn arrives my attention turns toward my home and family. Not to say that my attention isn't always with my family and home, but it seems magnified during this time of the year. So in this post I'm going to bring you some pictures of beautiful homes that make me feel happy and warm. That same comfortable feeling you get when being with good friends and family or when one of my kids gives me a great big hug!

I love this room! If the French doors leading to the garden weren't enough..... the perfect wicker basket at the foot of the bed, the pile of clothes folded nicely on the down comforter, a candelabra, iron bedside tables, leather bag packed at the foot of the bed ready for that weekend getaway.....I could go on....

This kitchen image I have taped up on my office wall so I can look at it everyday. Again what's not to love about a set of French doors in a room? This room has the added bonus of two sets of doors! I love all the warm wood - the floors, table and island. The accents of silver - the candelabra, goblet used to hold the flatware and of course that big beautiful range - are a nice contrast to all the wood. I like the white dishes piled under the island ready for everyday use. The iron light fixtures are to die for, in my opinion. In a different setting those lights could really take on a gothic stark look, but here, used with those soft full length curtains and the soft earthy wall and trim paint colors, they add to this kitchen's warmth. I can smell the food and hear the laughter. And are those magnolia leaves on the table? Just gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous.....I am addicted to everything Ina Garten..... aka The Barefoot Contessa. Her house pictured above has been talked about and shown a lot. Entire blogs are written and dedicated to this woman and her house. There is good reason for this..... (1) she can make anyone look like a gourmet cook with her simple recipes and (2) just look at her house! When my husband and I were building our house 2 years ago, this is the house I wanted to emulate. I wanted a cedar shake, white trim, Hamptons style house. Unfortunately, our property was on the side of a mountain in North Carolina and honestly, that style of house would have looked a little out of place. This house needs a sprawling yard filled with boxwood gardens and lavender. Again, sprawling yard, not something we have, sigh. One day I want a house just like Ina's!

The infamous kitchen where I have watched her make the most fantastic meals for her Food Network TV show.

This is the entryway of the barn she built on her property which houses an insane kitchen and lovely guest quarters. It's so simple and sophisticated yet so inviting. Below is part of the aforementioned kitchen and the picture that most of you have probably seen a number of times already. I can't look at it enough.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New 'Old' Merchandise

We've added a few new things to the shop and did our best to rearrange and freshen things up. Above is a new addition......it used to be an old chest that kept machine parts and tools. We think it would make a great little end table.
This old carpenter's box was found on a trip to Vermont. Besides being used as an attractive storage solution, this would make an interesting table stacked upon some trunks. Or a large enough lamp could sit upon it on the floor.
We found this oak dresser at an estate sale a few months ago. Now we have made a spot for it in the shop. It's such a versatile piece of furniture. I can see it being used in just about any room in the house. It would be especially nice in a bathroom to hold extra linens.
Here's one of the red doors we found earlier in the summer. We have 2 of these fantastic doors. I like it used as an easel of sorts! It is such a big wide door that its' uses are endless.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photo Shoot

This past weekend Ashley and I had so much fun pulling together some of our merchandise for a photo shoot. Why would we be doing that you may ask yourself? Because after too many years of talking about a web site, we are finally doing it! Our site, http://www.nestasheville.com/, should be up and running in the next few months and we are very excited!

A dear friend of mine has a beautiful and talented daughter whose name is Katie Welsh. Below is a self portrait.

Without Katie's help we wouldn't have the beautiful photographs that we have. She has the keen eye to see what others don't which makes her so good at what she loves to do. Thank you Katie! Below are some of her wonderful photos.