Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Treasures

Here it is a week before Christmas. How did that happen? Christmas really snook up on me this year. Normally, I have my shopping all done weeks ahead of time so that I can enjoy this week baking, wrapping and spending time with my family. I had a whirwind shopping spree this past weekend and hated every minute of it! I really do like to put thought into the gifts that I buy and take the time to find the perfect present for everyone on my list. As much as I love, and spend much money at Target et all, when it comes to gifts I like to find the treasures that are hiding in the little independent stores.

Sitting here thinking about those last few gifts that I need to buy has me thinking of a little treasure that we carry at Nest. This fantastic canvas wine bag (or anything bag) is the perfect addition to make an ordinary gift something special.

It's great to put a bottle (or two!) of wine in along with some nice crackers or other gourmet foodie item. I'm planning on filling it with gourmet foodie items for a cook that I know. Another friend is receiving this bag with a bottle of wine and some cookbooks she has been coveting. For the magazine junkies (me!) this bag is a great place to store your "go to" magazines.

I'm off to wrap some more and wish everyone, happy shopping!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Working It

At the Screen Door yesterday we spent some time re-merchandising our space. Like always what we think will take us an hour, takes us 3 hours!

We are hoping to get to some of our favorite salvage places in upcoming months. Particularly I'm looking for some great iron and architectural pieces. Atlanta gift market is also coming up in January, but I think we are skipping it this time around, although it is always interesting to see what new ideas are coming to surface. Speaking of new ideas.......I have been dreaming of these photos that I've had saved on my computer for quite some time. These bedrooms are dreamy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Post

Here goes.........

Ashley and I have been reflecting on this past year and looking forward to the New Year. We have the opportunity to move to a space twice as big as the one we occupy now. We do have plans to expand our business, primarily on the web, but this bigger space would definitely allow us to really showcase what we do as merchandisers and give us a fresh start to the New Year. However the present economy being what it is gives us pause. One side of me says to throw caution out the window and go for it. The other, more pragmatic, says slow down, not now. We'll keep you posted!